Measurement and mapping

On land, under water and up in the air… Our versatile measurement services for infrastructure, building, and renovation construction, as well as for design needs – in a high-quality and efficient manner. In addition to professional personnel, we have state-of-the-art Leica measuring equipment at our disposal.

  • Terrain model measurements and mappings
  • Building measurements
  • Laser scanning
  • UAV measurements
  • Water body measurements
  • Machine control models

1 pc. Leica Nova MS50 robotic tachymeter + GS14 GPS/GNSS measuring system
8 pcs. Leica Viva TS15 robotic tachymeter + GS12/14 GPS/GNSS measuring system
1 pc. Leica C10 Scanstation laser scanner

Aibotix X6 UAV surveying hexacopter

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Tero Mäkinen, MBA, B.Sc.(Eng)

Managing Director

040 562 8693

project management, calls for tenders

Tero Mäkinen, MBA, B.Sc.(Eng)

Tomi Sahlman, CE

Project Engineer

044 418 2296

land surveys

Tomi Sahlman, CE