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Rock surveys

Our comprehensive rock core sample drilling equipment is suitable for the sensitive environments of infrastructure projects, challenging conditions of land surveys, and special requirements to tunnel drilling means. Rock core samples are drilled using T46, T56, T76, N and H rigs; measuring operations to support the drilling can be performed in the holes. Our experienced specialists report the drillings, samples, and hole imaging reliably and the results are provided using illustrative printouts and in the Infra format.

  • Rock core sample drilling from underground/rock caverns
  • Rock drilling (for example, rock ground water pipes)
  • Rock sample geological research and reporting
  • Hole imaging with interpretations (optical and acoustic)
  • Water consumption measurements
  • Hole deflection measurements
  • Stress measurements (HF and overcoring)

Survey equipment

  • Geomachine GM 200, model year 2009, heavy drill rig, capacity T56 280m, T76 100m
  • Geomachine GM 85, model year 2012, semi-heavy drill rig, capacity T56 200 m, T76 80 m
  • Sandvik DE130, model year 2008, electro-hydraulic tracked drill machine, capacity T56 800m, T76 600m, N 500m
  • Geomachine GM 200, model year 2005, heavy drill rig, capacity T56 280m, T76 100m

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